People on the Run

People on the Run provides inspiration for work on refugee and migration issues for Scout troops, as well as for pedagogues and methodological support for dealing with controversial themes. The opening of controversial topics and the exploration of different angles of view involves working with emotions, attitudes and values; identifying and validating information, and the relationships between them.  

We live in an interconnected world, the global dimension is part of our everyday life. Distant events affect us and we have an impact on distant events. One of the manifestations of this connectivity that connects the near and distant is the fact that people migrate. Migration is the topic that is a part of our everyday life. We meet the theme of people on the move in the media, in discussions with friends and family, on social networks and on many other places. The topic cannot be avoided. Migration is at the same time an example of a controversial topic: it does not give clear answers, it generates strong emotions and divides society.

This methodology aims to illustrate work with controversial themes in general through the work on refugee and migration issues. It is based on scouting values, but besides the leaders of scout clubs, it is also intended for all other teachers and pedagogues of formal and non-formal education. The entire methodology is available as pdf.

Controversial themes are characterized by strong emotions and a tendency to divide society or community. This is because people have strong beliefs, contradictory explanations and solutions based on assumptions, experiences, interests, and values. Questions related to controversial topics cannot be dealt with simply by reference to evidence and facts. The educational program will be strengthening the value of freedom, responsibility, and equality among human beings, regardless of the differences between them. It will contribute to making informed decision-making, not just based on feelings, but with the support of understanding the information and context, and with the awareness of the consequences of the given decisions.

More Information is available in Czech only.

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