RADICX – Tool to Recognize Radicalization at Early Stages

Radicx is a tool that can be used to assess in a structural way whether concerns on radicalisation of a youngster should be taken seriously. It requires that professionals and other relevant parties that know the concerned youngster well share their observations and information on a youngster. The purpose is to gain a full picture of the possible risks, to determine which information is still missing and what next steps should be taken.  

The tool consists of the following steps: 

  • Step 1: Discussing the case
    The first step consists of sharing the concerns. Professionals and other parties involved are asked to try to be as objective as possible by only looking at the facts and visible behaviour of the youngster. The tool recommends to discuss the concerns along the following lines:  
    • Behaviour of the youngster
    • Relationships and contacts of the youngster
    • Cultural and/or Religious expressions of the youngster
    • Ideological and/or political expressions of the youngster
  • Step 2: writing down the facts and observed behaviour 
    All professionals and other relevant parties are asked to write down the facts and behaviour they have observed. 

Step 3: assessing the risk and supporting factors
The professionals and other relevant parties are asked to differentiate between risk and supporting factors on basis of what they  have written down on the behaviour and relationships/contacts of the youngster. For example: contact of a youngster with a mentor can be a supporting factor, while problems at home can form a risk factor. 

More information is available in Dutch.

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