Roadshow – Freedom of Press

The Roadshow Freedom of Press is a program that consist of three lessons on the freedom of press for students in high school and a debate between these students and representatives from the media. As part of the program students receive a newspaper of their choice at their home address for several weeks. Part of their homework is for instance to determine which news articles they would remove from the newspaper if they were a dictator. The program is closed off by a debate between the students and a representative from the media. In the debate students get the opportunity to ask critical questions, such as: you are offending my religion, why are you doing that? The debate is also an opportunity for students to be heard by the media.

The main purposes are to:

  • bridge the gap between youngsters and media
  • make youngsters aware that they can express their opinion in a democratic way by participating in the media
  • increase the ability of youngsters to assess the trustworthiness of media

More information is available in Dutch.

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