Network: School Without Racism – School With Courage

School without racism – school with courage aims at a school culture sensitive to discrimination and durability in commitment. Children and young people are active in the network School without Racism – School with Courage because it bothers them when people are insulted, bullied or even physically threatened because of their skin colour, their origin or their religion.

School without Racism – School with Courage is a project for all school members. It offers students and teachers the opportunity to actively shape the climate at their school. This is done by consciously opposing all forms of discrimination, bullying and violence. It is the largest school network in Germany. Over 3,000 schools belong to it. They are attended by more than two million students. The students and educators are supported by more than 100 coordination centres and around 400 extracurricular cooperation partners.

Part of the concept of “School without racism – school with courage” is that every school chooses at least one mentor. Often these are people from public life – athletes, politicians and musicians or whole sports clubs. But there are also bakers, pharmacists, social workers or car mechanics who have taken over a mentorship. They are all united by an open and unequivocal commitment to an equal and respectful cooperation.

More information is available in German.

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