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#ThinkBeforeSharing – Preventing Hate and Radicalisation Triggered by Conspiracy Theories and Fake News

There have always been conspiracy theories, but the pandemic underway has proved to be a particularly fertile ground for their spread. They are part of a wider trend of increasing hate speech, and increased racist, xenophobic, and anti-Semitic attacks, which[…]

21. November 2020

180 Grad Wende R

Summary: “180 Grad Wende R” is a model project that has been funded by the “Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend”, since 2015. The aim of the project is to reach young people who are in danger of becoming[…]

23. August 2021

ACF: Active Citizens Fund

The ACF supports Slovak civic organizations in engaging citizens in decision-making and public policy making, in efforts to create better conditions for good governance, to protect human rights and to provide civic education and to improve the position of vulnerable[…]

21. March 2021


Summary: The Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft religiös begründeter Extremismus (BAG RelEx) promotes and supports the nationwide networking of civic actors who are committed to sustainable prevention and deradicalisation in the field of religiously based extremism. Through its 33 member organisations, BAG RelEx contributes[…]

23. August 2021


The mobile application BanHate is available for free in all major app stores. It is a quick, easy, unbureaucratic and, above all, anonymous way to report hate postings or hate crimes via smartphone or tablet. Especially in the social media,[…]

26. October 2020


BOUNCE is a preventive program that combats violent radicalization at an early stage. BOUNCE helps to strengthen the resilience of (vulnerable) youth in terms of radical influences and raises awareness of their social environment. BOUNCE consists of three tools. BOUNCE[…]

28. October 2020


Buentrato (good treatment) was initiated in Peru by the ANAR Foundation in schools from Lima, and aims to make adolescents active agents in the promotion, prevention and defence of equality, coexistence in classrooms and the fight against gender-based violence. This[…]

Central and Eastern European Network for the Prevention of Intolerance and Group Hatred

Considering the increasing levels of intolerance, discrimination and group hatred in Europe, the CEE Prevent Net project aims at safeguarding young people by strengthening their resilience toward these phenomena and their skills to contribute to a peaceful and democratic society.[…]

30. October 2020

Centre for Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence

The Centre for the prevention of radicalization leading to violence (CPRLV) aims to serve as a platform to support families and individuals concerned by potential radicalization situations, and to prevent the worsening of the latter symptoms, when they occur. CPRLV[…]

23. October 2020


The aim is to fight Salafist ideologization by explaining the background of often used terms and to fill them with meaning. When it comes to topics such as “Salafism” or “Islamism”, there are often misunderstandings. Because unclear concepts and the[…]

29. October 2020

Crossroads – Exit from Right-Wing Extremism

CROSSROADS is an advisory and intervention project of Violence Prevention Network. It serves the prevention of radicalisation and deradicalisation of young people in Berlin. It offers support in leaving and distancing oneself from right-wing extremism as well as counselling for[…]

30. October 2020

Cultural Participation to Prevent Isolation and Hate (Menuhin Foundation / MUS-E)

Participating in the culture of others and thus creating understanding and acceptance, is one of the main focus points of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. To achieve this, professional artists collaborate with teachers (in primary schools) and embed music, dance,[…]

28. October 2020


CVEK is an independent non-governmental organisation that strives to contribute to building a more just and cohesive society through research, analytical and educational activities. Common mission is to make a systematic effort aimed at creating an environment in which every[…]

22. March 2021

DARE – Dialogue About Radicalisation & Equality

The DARE project (Dialogue about Radicalisation and Equality) is active in 13 countries and aims to broaden understanding of radicalisation; to demonstrate that it is not located in any one religion or community, and to explore the effects of radicalisation[…]

30. October 2020

DECOUNT – Online Kampagne gegen Extremismus

Summary: DECOUNT is a project against extremism funded by the European Commission. Within two years, a game, a short film and a website were created. The information was obtained from interviews with previously radicalized persons or from youth centres. How[…]

Demokratiezentrum Baden-Württemberg (DZBW) Fachstelle PREvent!on

Summary: PREvent!on – Fachstelle Prävention von religiös begründetem Extremismus des Demokratiezentrums Baden-Württemberg. The PREvent!on unit addresses the new challenges in educational work with young people in the field of religiously based extremism. The aim is to recognise the signs at[…]

23. August 2021

DERAD – Extremismusprävention, Dialog und Demokratie

Summary: DERAD is an Austrian organization founded in 2015 and dedicated to extremism prevention. The organization provides support for imprisoned extremists (also after release from prison) and provides educational measures for prison officers. Furthermore, DERAD provides various offers for private[…]

26. October 2020


Diamant is a training provided by certified trainers with an educational background to adolescents with a Muslim background that are vulnerable to radicalization or delinquency. The training aims to increase the confidence of adolescents, to build a positive identity and[…]

29. October 2020

Diversion (Teaching Concept)

The Diversion teaching approach consists of a lesson to high school students on the news on Islamic State (IS). The lesson consists of the following:  Show an introductory video Make a mind map. Ask students what comes to their mind[…]

DNE – Diagnostisch-therapeutisches Netzwerk Extremismus

Summary: Das Diagnostisch-therapeutische Netzwerk Extremismus (DNE) provides advice from a psychological perspective to the professionals of EXIT-Deutschland and the Beratungsstelle HAYAT, who advise families and relatives of radicalized persons as well as those leaving extremist groups and movements. The topics[…]

23. August 2021

Dutch Crime Prevention and Security Centre (CCV)

Youth and Safety is the focus of the Dutch Crime Prevention and Security Centre (CCV). The centre provides knowledge, tools, information material, tailor-made and training / workshops. On their website you will find extensive information about 14 different topics, such[…]

28. October 2020


As children grow and become more independent, it is not unusual for them to take risks, explore new things and push boundaries. Teenage years are often a time when young people will be searching for answers to questions about identity,[…]

30. October 2020

Education for Diversity

EDUCA is an example of a cross-border project that promotes intercultural values in multi-ethnic societies trough education. For that purpose, research and university institution work together with schools, who have bilingual educational programmes to develop learning materials. The project was[…]

23. October 2020

Educational Programme for Teachers

Since September 2017, there is available an educational program Development of competences of the teaching staff in the field of prevention of extremism for the teachers of ethics, civics, and history. The aim of the training program is to provide[…]


The initiative “EL PATIO” is a socio-educational process, open, flexible, comprehensive and participatory, with a preventive and awareness raising character, drawing from youngsters and taking the street and the educational centres as main areas of work to generate dynamics of[…]

28. October 2020

Eurotopia – Creating Counternarratives and Combating Extremism

Participation in culture can be a tool to highlight diverse stories and narratives and stimulate people to become global citizens who fight against racism and hate crimes. This project aims to produce 21 short films (in all languages of the[…]

30. October 2020

Extrem Demokratisch – Muslimische Jugendarbeit stärken

Summary: The project Extrem Demokratisch – Muslimische Jugendarbeit stärken was aimed at multipliers in Muslim youth work from 2015 to 2019. In the form of workshops, further training and coaching, multipliers were given the opportunity to develop their skills as[…]

23. August 2021

Extremism Counselling and Information Centre

The Extremism Information Centre is a nationwide point of contact that offers help if relatives, social workers, teachers, or other persons are worried, that someone might have joined an extremist group. They offer information and advice concerning questions on extremism[…]

26. October 2020

Fighting for Peace

Fighting for peace trains community leaders within Muslim communities in organizing and leading small-scale dialogue events on the topic of radicalization. These community leaders can be both formal and informal leaders. An example of such community leaders are for instance[…]

29. October 2020


This initiative is articulated around a proposal of training activity aimed at professionals working in the field of youth through an interactive training from the online training platform ,  a permanent online forum to facilitate exchange and communication between professionals[…]

Guidelines: Bridging – Intergenerational Talk

The “Bridging guide” aims to improve the relationship and communication between parents and children with a Moroccan background. With the help of this methodology sons and their fathers and daughters and their mothers discuss topics related to parenting and religion.[…]

Handbook for Structural Quality Standards in Deradicalization Work

This handbook written by the Director of the German Institute on Radicalization and De-Radicalization Studies (GIRDS) and was published in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, Digitisation and Migration Baden-Württemberg and is the first ever guide for structural integrity[…]

30. October 2020


HEADS-UP improves the skills of front-line workers through trainings and a series of simulated videos that explicitly demonstrate online threats. This practical, user friendly set of resources will enable educators to support young adults more effectively by teaching them how[…]

26. November 2020

Human Rights League

Give chance to refugees – the project aims to prevent the radicalization of young people, as well as to promote and protect the rights of a vulnerable group of refugees and migrants, in particular the right to asylum and the[…]

22. March 2021

Human Rights Website for Teachers

The aim of this website is to support the integration of human rights topics into teaching. Teachers will find a variety of materials, information, methodologies, and videos about various human rights areas. The idea is to make the website a[…]

23. October 2020

Inclusive School

The Inclusive School is an information portal focused on the inclusion of foreign pupils into the Czech educational system and consists of two parts. The information material on “Foreigners in the School” is mainly directed towards school directors, but it[…]

22. October 2020

Initiative: Allies

Allies is an approach developed by the Dutch Police to build trust between the police, the municipality and communities. Representatives from the police, the municipality and the local communities meet five times a year. The representatives from the community are[…]

29. October 2020

Initiative: Hate Helps

The Internet is currently flooded with racist and xenophobic comments. Hate Helps (“Hass hilft”) is a signal against it: it is an involuntary online donation action. The idea behind this: Everyone inhuman online post in respective social media platforms generates[…]

Intercultural Cities Programme (ICC)

The Intercultural cities programme (ICC) supports cities in reviewing their policies through an intercultural lens and developing comprehensive intercultural strategies to help them manage diversity positively and realise the diversity advantage. The programme proposes a set of analytical and practical[…]

23. October 2020

Intercultural Competences in Education of Adults

The scientific monography consists of four chapters written by experts, who work in the field of migration studies, legal protection of human rights and adult education. The authors explain process of shaping an individual’s identity, multiculturalism as social construct, creation[…]

Internet Without Hate / Education for Tolerance

With the Internet Without Hate campaign, the Slovak Republic joined the No Hate speech movement organized by the Council of Europe. In the campaign, three publications have been published to help teachers and the public to fight internet hatred and[…]

Interventions by Mentors and Parent Coaches

The Danish prevention model is based on the fact that extremism has a range of negative consequences. Extremism not only causes terrorism, violence, threats, vandalism and other hate driven crime; it also harms the social well-being and the personal development[…]

30. October 2020

IUVENTA – Slovak Youth Institute

IUVENTA – Slovak Youth Institute deals with the issue of violent extremism, radicalization of youth and human rights education as one of its priorities in accordance with the Concept for Youth Work for 2014 – 2020. They provided an extensive[…]

22. March 2021

Summary: is the joint competence centre of the Federal Government for the protection of children and young people in the internet, which was founded in 1997. researches dangers and risks in youth-oriented services. It calls on providers and[…]

23. August 2021

Kick It Out (Tackling Racism and Discrimination)

Kick It Out works with the football authorities, professional clubs, players, fans, and communities to tackle all forms of discrimination. The campaign has been pivotal in persuading and supporting the game’s stakeholders to take their equality responsibilities seriously. Core aims[…]

30. October 2020


Summary: Kick-off is a model project for prevention and deradicalisation in prisons and probation-services in Schleswig-Holstein that has been funded since July 2017 by the federal programme “Demokratie leben” and co-financing from the “Justizministerium Schleswig-Holstein”. Kick-off covers both the area[…]

23. August 2021

KIgA-Berlin: Kreuzberger Initiative gegen Antisemitismus

Summary: Since 2003, KIgA has been developing innovative concepts for the pedagogical confrontation with Anti-Semitism. The target group of KIgA’s prevention work are migrants, with a focus on Muslim youth. The work deals with Anti-Semitism, Islam, Islamism, Islamophobia and historical-political[…]

Knowledge Platform Integration and Society (KIS)

The programme aims to contribute structurally to a diverse and well-balanced society. Platform Integration & Society selects topics based on its own knowledge and insight next to the need for knowledge expressed by the work field and society in general.[…]

28. October 2020

Make Up Your Mind! (Using Images and Memes)

Make Up Your Mind (German: Bildmachen) promotes the critical media competence of young people in dealing with extremist speeches. Experiences of racism and exclusion are also addressed by Islamist actors. Often, however, they offer a polarising world view as a[…]

30. October 2020

Martial Arts Schools Against Violent Extremism (Network)

The network of committed martial arts schools is working against violent radicalization and extremism of every sort. They aim to train their members to spot violent radicalization processes as early as possible and to be able to react adequately. Ideally,[…]

Me and Them are Us

IN IUSTITIA has developed an educational training programme for elementary schools called “Me and them are us”. The programme focuses on working with prejudices, prevention of racism, stereotypes, promoting active citizenship and strengthening the unity in class and consists of[…]

22. October 2020

META – Minorities Education Through the Arts

Children come to school as integrated people with thoughts and feelings, words and pictures, ideas and fantasies. They are intensely curious about the world. The challenge teachers face, is to encourage them to access the fullest possible range of mental[…]

20. November 2020

MIND: Mansour-Initiative für Demokratieförderung und Extremismusprävention GmbH

Summary: The Mansour-Initiative für Demokratieförderung und Extremismusprävention GmbH (MIND) is an organisation founded by Ahmad and Beatrice Mansour in 2017. The aim of MIND is to promote democracy and prevent extremism by targeting its work against Muslim-Extremism and Anti-Semitism. The[…]

23. August 2021

MKC – The Multicultural Centre in Prague

The Multicultural Centre Prague (MKC) is a non-profit organisation engaged in the pursuit of educational and research activities in the fields of international migration, social inclusion of Roma, and global development. The centre strives for a society based on respect[…]

19. October 2020

Network for Democracy and Prevention

Since 2014, the Austrian “Network Culture of Democracy and Prevention” has been successfully pursuing a municipal strategy against extremism and devaluation ideologies using existing institutions and structures responsible for the care, counselling and education of children, adolescents and young adults.[…]

26. October 2020

Network: Mothers for Life

Mothers for Life is a unique global network of parents who have experienced violent jihadist radicalization in their own families. In most cases, the parents in the network have seen their sons and daughters leaving for Syria and Iraq and[…]

30. October 2020

Network: School Without Racism – School With Courage

School without racism – school with courage aims at a school culture sensitive to discrimination and durability in commitment. Children and young people are active in the network School without Racism – School with Courage because it bothers them when[…]

Otvorené školy/Open schools program

The Open Society Foundation runs a program called “Otvorené školy/Open schools”. The aim is to support the democratic environment in schools and citizenship education through peer education and the work of student school boards. Program takes place in five Slovak[…]

22. March 2021

Partners for Democratic Change

PDCS (Partners for Democratic Change) is a non-governmental organization providing professional education and facilitation services, consultancy, and counselling in the field of conflict resolution, support of social dialogue, civic participation, and the development of civil society in Slovakia and abroad.[…]

23. October 2020

Peaceful School Programme

Peaceful school is a programme that consists of a series of 38 lessons that are provided for 30 minutes every week in primary school. These lessons cover the following topics:  We belong together: the aim of this series is to[…]

29. October 2020

People on the Run

People on the Run provides inspiration for work on refugee and migration issues for Scout troops, as well as for pedagogues and methodological support for dealing with controversial themes. The opening of controversial topics and the exploration of different angles[…]

23. October 2020

Preventing Violent Extremism Through Education: A Guide For Policy-Makers

This publication offers guidance for education professionals (policy-makers, teachers and various education stakeholders) on how to address the concrete challenges posed by violent extremism. The Guide particularly aims to help policy-makers to prioritize, plan and implement effective preventive education-related actions,[…]

21. November 2020

Prevention of Risk Behaviour – Web Portal

The Prague Centre for Primary prevention is a professional methodological workplace focused on the primary prevention of risk behaviour in the city of Prague. They provide methodological support, consultations, supervision, and training in various areas of risk behaviour at schools.[…]

23. October 2020

Project “Responsible”

The project started in 2007 and is focused on safe and responsible usage of internet, mobile phones and new technologies. They are running several websites, which support the fight against radicalisation. The webpage offers an overview about extremism[…]

Radical Online Education (ROE)

Radical Online Education (ROE) is KA2 Strategic Partnership project financed by Danish NA for Erasmus + program. It is long term (18 months) project including partners from Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, and Austria. Project ROE is aiming to provide youth workers[…]

7. December 2020

Radicalization Helpline

The Radicalization Helpline is an independent Helpline that offers advice and support to parents and family members that are concerned about a family member that is (possibly) radicalizing. The Helpline offers support by phone and in case additional support is[…]

29. October 2020

RADICX – Tool to Recognize Radicalization at Early Stages

Radicx is a tool that can be used to assess in a structural way whether concerns on radicalisation of a youngster should be taken seriously. It requires that professionals and other relevant parties that know the concerned youngster well share[…]

RMŽK: Regional Youth Council of Žilina

The aim of RMŽK / Regional Youth Council of Žilina is to represent children and youth’s legitimate interests and help create conditions for the development of children and youth in terms of their physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being. Regional[…]

22. March 2021

Roadshow – Freedom of Press

The Roadshow Freedom of Press is a program that consist of three lessons on the freedom of press for students in high school and a debate between these students and representatives from the media. As part of the program students[…]

29. October 2020


The school psychology platform is a project from the Ministry of Education It offers help, advice and counselling of every school psychological kind for pupils, students and young population in general, as well as for teachers and adults working with[…]

26. October 2020

Speak up! Speak Out! (Report Racism Malta)

The project aims to address the under-reporting of discriminatory incidents by creating an easy-to-use mechanism for communicating incidents of racial discrimination. Report Racism Malta will provide an avenue for reporting incidents to individual victims of discrimination and racism and will[…]

30. October 2020

Stand Up! – Education Against Discrimination

Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination empowers young people in mainstream schools to learn about and act against discrimination, racism, antisemitism, and anti-Muslim hatred, whilst developing their social responsibility in the community. The Stand Up! Workshops empower young people to think[…]

Street Art Against Extremism

The aim of this project is to unite people from different cultures in working towards a common goal. This project involves creating original artwork on a wall in a public space, such as a public school. The workshop has to[…]

Strong Cities Network

Launched at the United Nations in September 2015, the Strong Cities Network (SCN) is the first ever global network of mayors, municipal-level policy makers and practitioners united in building social cohesion and community resilience to counter violent extremism in all[…]

Student Competition – Political Education

This student competition is the largest German-language competition for political education and since 1971 a „classic“ in the educational landscape, which enriches the education of political topics in school. To this end, the competition offers project proposals developed by professional[…]

Teacher Education for Multilingual / Multicultural Settings

The European Network on Teacher Education (in addition ENTEP) collection can be considered as response to challenges of increased cultural and linguistic diversity in classrooms. It represents a series of significant contributions by several European experts who are either official[…]

23. October 2020

Teacher’s Guide on Prevention of Violent Extremism

This is the first Guide for Teachers on Preventing Violent Extremism through Education issued by UNESCO. This document was developed in a direct response to the needs of UNESCO member states to increase assistance to countries seeking to strengthen the[…]

Teaching Approaches that Build Resilience to Extremism Among Young People

The manual is a summary of teaching approaches and interventions, which were recognized as effective in building resilience to extremism among young people. The manual also describes detailed the support factors in schools and other education settings that can maximise[…]

The People For Change Foundation (Several Projects)

The People for Change Foundation’s vision is of a just, fair and inclusive society where all members may reach their full potential unhindered by factors such as age, race, colour, gender, language, religion, political or other opinion, national origin, property,[…]

30. October 2020

Training Programme for Teachers

The programme “Successful integration of immigrant children” (UVOP) includes also training programmes for professional staff and teachers in educational institutions. The aim of it is to ensure the proper training of professional workers who are in contact with immigrant children[…]

23. October 2020

Trojan T-Shirts (Exit Deutschland)

This is an example which shows how to get in touch directly with right-wing extremists and to generate uncertainty in the right-wing scene. It is also an example how broad discussions can be stimulated specifically in social media. T-Shirts were[…]

29. October 2020

Trust but Verify

Trust but verify aims at fighting extremism on internet. There is a dangerous trend of interconnection between alternative and far-right websites and organizations. This makes extreme content not only more sophisticated and difficult to identify but also affects much larger[…]

23. October 2020 e.V.

Summary: has been a registered association in Germany since 2007 and is active as an independent organisation in youth welfare, political education and prevention work. The Germany-wide offers of are dealing with the topics of Islam, Islamophobia and[…]

23. August 2021


The Varianty programme exists since 2001. Its vision is for schools to be open to all children alike and to guide their pupils towards understanding correlations, global responsibilities, and respect for others. The programme provides informational and methodological support, educational[…]

22. October 2020

Violence Prevention Network

Summary: Violence Prevention Network was founded in 2004 and since then has offered prevention and deradicalisation work in the areas of right-wing extremism and Islamism. The target group of Violence Prevention Network are people at all stages of radicalisation and[…]

23. August 2021

We are at Home here

International Organization for Migration (IOM) published a set of educational materials on migration: a documentary film, didactic material, a presentation and an information poster. The educational materials serve as a wide-range presentation tool to the introduction of migration and migrants[…]

23. October 2020

You can do it – if you really want to!

This music program, which is aimed at Prevention of risk behavior has been going on successfully since 2011, when it was created with support of the Government Commissioner for Human Rights Monika Šimůnková. Radoslav “Gipsy” Banga shares his personal story[…]

Youth Counselling Against Radicalisation (YCARe)

YCARe is a unique international project aimed at supporting youth counsellors in preventing and combatting radicalization between youths. The projects aim is to build professional capacity of first line practitioners and to foster empowerment, participation, and active citizenship of young[…]

Youth Democracy Award

The Youth Democracy Award is a youth project of the Federal Agency for Civic Education. Once a year, the Award honours young people for their commitment, who with their projects work for democracy in an outstanding way. The Youth Democracy[…]

30. October 2020

Youth Led Guide on PVE Through Education

 Young people have been and continue to be both the perpetrators and the victims of violent extremism. Young people are spearheading the war in many conflict-struck parts of the world. On the other hand, more than 2.000 adolescents decided that[…]

22. November 2020

ZARA Anti-Racism Counselling

ZARA – Civil courage and anti-racism work was founded in 1999 with the aim of promoting civil courage and a racist-free society in Austria as well as combating all forms of racism. The anti-racism work is based on three pillars:[…]

23. October 2020

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